Monday, June 6, 2011


Until last weekend Christian had never said his name in my presence. When people (those we meet in public, friends, or family) would ask him his name he would just stare at them blindly. It was more than obvious that he knew his name, but saying it was a whole other story.

That all changed last weekend. Out of the blue he goes from saying "mine" to "That's Christian's." or  from "My spoon." to "Christian's spoon." Maybe he was waiting until he felt more confident in his pronunciation, but I think the "Shishian" is super cute.

Last Monday I mentioned to Ms Kesa, his main teacher, how he started saying his name. Her reply was "Oh yes, we have been working on that." The following day he thanked me for something and Ms. Kesa told me how she likes that he always says thank you. My reply: "That is something we have been working on!" It felt good to know that our efforts were paying off outside of our presence.

Speaking of all things Christian's. I would like to thank my former student Matt H. for the books he donated. While he has only had the Thomas the Train easy reader for a few days it has quickly become a new favorite. Tonight when he couldn't find it on the shelf he quickly said "Where's Christian's book?" as if the others belong to someone else.

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  1. Connor was an avid Thomas fan - I'm so sad that he has grown out of it. BUT, that gives us the perfect opportunity to offer more things from "Kate's Thrift Shop" . . . would you be interested in some gently used Thomas books and puzzles? If so, let me know via Facebook, and I'll get them in the mail ASAP. BTW, isn't CJ's Bday in June?


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