Thursday, June 30, 2011

Third "Car" Party

Christian's birthday party was a breakfast at his favorite neighborhood park - the SPARK. I was the one with park idea, but my mom was the inspired creative mind that came up with the idea of breakfast. This was after I told her that I thought June in the park would be too hot for most people.

I prepared many of CJ's favorite foods and flavors: bacon, banana-nut-chip muffins, strawberries (just "berries" to him), orange-strawberry fluff, and chocolate-peanut butter Krispies. His father was 100% in charge of the "toupe" (aka cantaloupe) and as usual they were perfect. We also had mango and orange juice. There were other items, coffee for one, that were not of real interest to the little guy. Yes, there was a birthday cake as well. I made one that CJ's Pop could eat, wheat and gluten free, and decided on dye free as well to cut down on any hyperactivity possibilities.  It was a white cake with "cream cheese" icing.

The SPARK is actually two play areas in the mist of many pine trees and separated by a large pavilion. We set up all of the tables, chairs, and food under the pavilion and were very grateful for the swift breeze that blew for the majority of the morning. We brought two of CJ vehicles with us and he spent a good deal of time riding his trike around all of the party goers. I am very proud that when one of the other children did manage to get a hold of the trike he shared nicely.

Christian had many, many, many friends and family attend his celebration and everyone was more than generous. CJ was overwhelmed with the trains, cars (of varying sizes and purposes), and dinosaurs too. Appa Frig helped CJ decide which toys need to make their way to a local mission for homeless mothers and children in order to make room for all of his new belongings. This is the only way that all of the new play things will fit in his room if he wishes to be able to walk around.

Here are a few pictures of the event:

CJ with the grandfathers
"The Loot"

Loving' some water

Bubbles with Appa and friends

Friends and Family

Pops, Grandma, Cousins Casey and Sarah, & Aunt Ann

Papaw, Parr, & Giselle

Elena, Ramiro, and son Tyler

Birthday morning - a few small gifts from Omma and Appa


  1. Janelle (Nell4Him)June 30, 2011 at 4:55 PM

    You guys are such a great family! He looks SOO happy with you! :)

    Happy Birthday Christian!

  2. Look like everyone had a good time :-) I'm thinking you probably don't need another box from me anytime soon. . .

  3. Happy (late) birthday to CJ! Looks like he had a blast!!!


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