Friday, September 16, 2011

Family Day

Today is one year of family. Daddy picked CJ and I up from the airport after we traveled for almost 36 hours with no sleep for mommy and less than an hour for Christian. We have come so far from those first days together.

Things CJ is up to at one year home-
  • Counting to his teens
  • Singing the ABCs by himself
  • Wants lots of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider and Old McDonald Has a Farm
  • Transitioning to the 3 to 6 class at school is going smoothly (although he does miss his old teacher)
  • Folding small blankets
  • Getting to spend LOTS more time with Mamaw and Papaw
  • Being so very bossy and wanting EVERYTHING to be his
We celebrated with special Jamba Juice snacks after school and 1.5 hours at the splash pad/park. Now we are calmly waiting for CJ's Godparents to pick us up for  Korean dinner. Calmly only because CJ doesn't know we are waiting. 

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