Friday, September 16, 2011

Gottcha Day

Dear Christian Jae-won,

It has been one year since I first saw you, first met you, since you first became real to me. Until the moment that you first looked at me, your smile fading and quickly turning to tears, the pictures I held were only a fantasy of what was to come. My smart little man, you so quickly realized what my presence in that small office meant for your near future. You and your foster mom held each other so tightly. You grieved and your Aunt Robin and I sat quietly holding back our own tears. So sad for what we only could imagine the two of you were experiencing. Not wanting to discount the final moments - not wanting to act as if our happy anticipation should overshadow the real grief that we could see and hear.

I was Omma from that very day. Now no longer Omma, but still so much your Mom or Mommy or sometimes even Mother. That day you were placed into my arms, and from that moment you were mine. From the forever taxi cab ride filled with your wails, to the sad and much quieter moans of your nap, I have loved you. Your sweet laughter and ready smile always bring a shine to my face.You know my hearts strings.

Our time in Korea together was short, I anticipate returning one day to more fully appreciate the country of your birth, while the journey was long. You were strong and amazing. You are such a trouper. You were scared, and confused. You would not sleep. I am so blessed to be your forever Mommy.



PS. This is the song I sang to you after over 24 hours of travel back to our home while we ate what was our 7th or 8th meal that day sitting in the Dallas airport.

It was the day that never ends. It just goes on and on my friend. Just when you thought you got to the end. It starts right back over again......

Sung to the tune of "Song that Never Ends" and dedicated to Alexandra L. for teaching me the original version

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  1. So, so sweet. CJ is such a lucky boy to have such an amazing mommy:)


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