Friday, December 2, 2011

Always a Cow

Every time CJ's teacher sings Old McDonald she does the cow, and then I think she stops, because CJ fights us when we want to do any other animals.

I have been very bad about doing updates we have been so busy lately. The holidays have been so  much fun this year now that he is aware of the specialness of things. He was Mater, from Cars, for Halloween. We didn't Trick or Treat, but he had a party at school.

Thanksgiving was small and relaxing. He was super excited for the day, and sad on Friday morning when it was over. He actually asked "Is this my Thanksgiving?" that morning and when I said it was over his exclamation was "Oh man!"

He is super into the Christmas lights, the tree, all of the lights on other people's house. I am really excited about Christmas this year. I can tell it is going to be a blast.

In non-holiday news, CJ is starting to try and read. His favorites, a few Thomas the Train's he has memorized, were the first. He wants to know the letters and is trying to put the sounds together. He is asking "Why" and wants everything to be his. His vocabulary is growing exponentially and his sentence structure as well.

He continues to be very humerus, and is always trying to be funny. Even as I type he is driving his father crazy with his practical jokes (returning a sock to it's place while Daddy wasn't looking). I have a feeling this is karma at work. Unfortunately, I have a feeling I will also pay the price once CJ reaches school age.

One of my favorite things right now is CJ climbing into my lap and saying "I'm your boy baby, right Mommy?" We are also very lucky that he continues to be sweet, caring, and generally very willing to please. What a blessing!

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