Monday, August 17, 2009

Profile in the mail!!!

So today Frig took the profile book to the USPS to mail it off today. Since it is only traveling 90min away I wouldn't think it would take very long to get there. I think this is the step we were able to finish in the least amount of time. Maybe we should call Kathy in a few days to make sure the precious book arrived without harm. I am pretty proud of how it turned out and hope Kathy approves. I hope it does it's magic and one day I can show it to our child as the labor of love that brought him or her to us.

Also, my friend went to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) today because she has been trying to get pregnant for 1.5 yrs and doesn't want to wait as long as I did (at least someone has learned from my mistakes). Anyway, I like how her appointment went and am looking into their office hours. They mentioned clomid and didn't mention monitoring. The monitoring factor was one of the reason Frig and I decided not to pursue clomid with the first RE we went to and I couldn't get my OBGyn to give me a perscription. I thought it would be a bad idea to travel all around Houston randomly going to doctors trying to find a doctor that would write a script without wanting to monitor, but I know that there are doctors out there that fit that discription. So maybe we will have a third option on our plate one day.


  1. Do you have a copy of the profile book? It's good for the birth family to have a book to keep for themselves, at least that is what our agency does. I made an extra copy for me to share with our child someday. Congrats on getting this major step done!!!

    Also, are you officially done with the Korean adoption or are you pursuing both? However it works, I hope you have success soon.

  2. I did not make a copy. She said nothing about them keeping a copy. I don't know how I would feel about that as a matter of fact.

    We are doing both.


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