Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Approval from USCIS

Receiving notice from USCIS today was a cherry on the sundae that we will call a wonderful day in the Wister Ratcliff household.

Frig and I arrived at school with plenty of time to accomplish all of the copying and TV/DVD (for a China history DVD Frig was showing in the room where he is subbing this week) acquisition that was necessary. The new principal introduced herself to Frig and when he told her that he was interested in becoming a dedicated sub (that means he would be at Lanier every day and it is the highest pay rate an associate teacher can achieve) her reply was that "we are working on that". We are both awake enough this evening to have great lively converstation and had really GREAT second days of school.

So as I said the letter was the cherry topper, but please keep in mind that this cherry is way oversized. When we arribed at home Frig checked the mail, as is his usual practice, and let me "do the honors" of opening the large manilla envelope with the USCIS seal accompaning the return address. It reads "Your I-600A, Application for Advanced Processing of Orphan Petetion has been approved". The rest of the letter, while formal, is also quite frendly and ends with "It has been a pleasure to be a part of your new adventure."

Needless to say when Frig went to pick up the dry cleaning and get mac&cheese, to go with dinner, he also bought a six-pack of Corona so that we would celebrate.


  1. I'm so excited for you. has the other agency received your profile yest?

  2. What wonderful news! I can't wait to see the next step unfold for you :)

  3. Breen - Frig got a confirmation earlier this week that the profile made it to them. So now it is a race to see who wins. All of my school friends and my sister seem to be voting for Korea to pull through :)


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