Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This past Saturday Appa finally got to share a full length movie with CJ. For those of you that don't know Frig is a HUGE movie guy so this was a very BIG deal to him. When CJ first developed a fasination with Cars we did try to show him the movie, but it was a no go from the start. No music, no dancing and that meant no attention span for watching. At least that is what Appa has determined to be the winning combonation that will keep Christian's attention. Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid, Electric Company, Cat in the Hat all have these things while Thomas the Train and Cars do not.

Don't get me wrong give the little guy a Cars or Thomas the Train book and he is all over it. Hand him a cup with a character from one of these series, get out a puzzle, or better still the vehicle to play with and he can tell you who it is, but he was not interested in watching either on the TV. Maybe he didn't want to waste his precious little TV time, but I believe his father had it all figured out with the music/dancing combo.

Well much to Frig's pleasure something changed this Saturday night. After dinner and bath we decided to all climb in the big bed and do a little reading. Well mom decided to climb in the bed to read and the other three members of the family, yes I am including the dog, decided to join me. CJ even brought along a book - Cars. This got me to thinking, seeing as really did want to get some reading done, that we could once again see if the movie would maintain his attention for any length of time. Given that he has aquired so much language since our last attempt I was hoping for a little more engagement

From the moment Lightning McQueen appeared on the screen he was hooked and his Appa was in heaven. I wish I been able to record CJ's utterance of amazement at hearing the character utter "Ka-chow" for the first time as opposed to his father, mother or friends at school. It was eye opening to him. He was so wrapped up in the story it was as if we hadn't read the book to him a hundred times or more. Appa and I were both overjoyed to get to have the experience of watching the movie with him - his joy and excitement became our joy and excitement.

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