Friday, July 15, 2011

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Christian was so sad about saying good-bye to his Mamaw and Papaw this afternoon after spending the early part of today with them at the Children's Museum. It was CJ's first visit to the museum and as expected he had a blast. He was so tired and so sad that at first he refused to even give hugs and kisses. Thankfully he listened to advice, that they would have to leave regardless, and calmed down enough to give a little hug. When he was taken back to his room he just cried and cried, but what seemed like forever when your little guy is so sad was only 15 minutes until he fell fast asleep.

We all three are so grateful for not only today, but the past two evenings with Mamaw and Papaw as well. While they are headed back home for now, we hope that their house hunt was worthwhile, and that they will be returning very soon with boxes.

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