Friday, October 3, 2008

Adoption Meeting & Home Study Packet

Chris and I will attend a 10 hour adoption meeting tomorrow. I am very excited and hope that it lives up my expectations. Yesterday I received an email from the coordinator asking all participants to arrive earlier than originally planned (8 am as opposed to 8:30). This is because they will have a doctor from MD Anderson who specializes in children that have been adopted internationally. Since Chris and I are willing to adopted a child with certain minor special needs this should be very helpful to us.

I am sure we will be very exhausted at the end of the day!

Speaking of being exhausted; I got tired just reading through the requirements for the home study (HS) packet that we received in the mail yesterday. One of the requirements is to get your doctor to fill out medical forms. I had no idea how extensive they would be. Thank goodness I went to a doctor 4 years ago for a bug bite and have sent Chris there are a few times when he was under the weather. That way when she asked if I was a patient I was able to say yes since they are no longer accepting newbies. The nurse was so kind when she found out why we needed to come in, and that we are teachers, she penciled us in for the end of the day next Wed. We have to get HIV, Hep, and TB tests. The results for that and all other questions have to be current within the past 6 months.

Chris and I will have to complete pretty length autobiographies speaking to specific questions, 5 of our friends will have to complete references, we have to do a floor plan of our house, and get a whole bunch of documents together. The bulleted list took up a whole page so you get the idea. Chris and I have off next Thursday so maybe we can work on some of this stuff then!

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