Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seoul Garden = Yum!

Chris, Peggy, and I had our first experience with Korean food last night. We went to a restaurant in Spring Branch, just a few miles from home, called Seoul Garden. We started with an appetizer of Kim-Chi pancake. They were very good. The sauce was a bit salty for our taste, but not inedible (we just had to drink a lot of water). Seoul Garden specializes in Korean BBQ so we decided to give it a try. We ordered a beef dish and an octopus dish. The meat is drought to the table marinated, but raw, and we got to cook it ourselves on the in table grill. It was a lot of fun. The BBQ came with all kinds of sides: miso soup, lettuce salad, 2 different types of seaweed, potatoes, sticky rice, and marinated cucumbers. The beef was wonderful and easy to cook. It had great flavor and was very tender. The octopus was very hard to get up off of the grill and while it had a flavorful marinade Chris and I decided we probably wouldn't order it again. We really enjoyed our first Korean food experience and can't wait to go back and try knew things.


  1. hehe, some friends of mine went to Korea on a missions trip several years ago.. they said the part that really turned them off from the octopus was the fact that the little suction cups were still on the tentacles and they could feel them in their mouths.. :| ;)

    It sounds like you had an awesome experience, Rachel!! Would you believe it, but.. I've never been to a Korean restaurant. lol. Sad, I know!! :)

  2. I have eaten octopus before so I knew what to expect as far as the suction cups. In fact cold Japaneses octopus salad is one of my favorites.

    Is it b/c you don't live near a Korean restaurant?

  3. Rachel -

    Sounds like a great time at the restaurant. The last time I tried Korean food was probably about 13-14 years ago. I would try things when I went to visit my friend Susan at her home. Everything was always so good! Can't wait to hear what you try next time!


  4. Hmm, not sure if we live near one, or not. I'm guessing we probably DO live pretty close to a Korean restaurant, since we're not too far from Sacramento, just haven't ever sought one out... it's easier to find the Chinese restaurant, I guess. lol. :)
    I'm definitely going to have to find one tho. :)


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