Saturday, October 4, 2008

Long, Long Meeting

By far the best part about today's meeting was the networking with other families that are adopting. There were 7 couples total. The 3 couples of Indian heritage all plan to adopt from India (although hearing about Korea made them think they may want to switch programs). The 2 oldest couples were adopting from China. There was one other couple that is adopting from Korea - a Caucasian woman married to a Korean man (and no he is not an adoptee). Richard even offered that Chris and I could use his family home in Korea should we travel before they sell it. I sure hope that works out!

We learned some great stuff on bonding and attachment. The one rule that is going to be very difficult to enforce, but very important, is keeping visits to a minimum for the first 6 weeks while we bond.

The doctor that came to spoke with us made all the couples feel good that our children would be relatively well taken cared for while still in their birth country. Now we need to contact his group to see if insurance covers their pre-placement services. They specialize in adoption pediatrics and will look a referral files prior to placment to give us an idea if we can handle the child's needs.

I left the meeting tired, but energized at the idea that Chris and I really are making the right choice!


  1. I have to agree that the visits in the beginning are very important to keep to a minimum. Not necessarily for the baby's sake, but you as well. Just like if you were having a biological baby, this is going to be your baby and you're going to need bonding time. You will do great though! And I'm glad you were able to meet some good people at the meeting and learn from it. Networking is great :)

  2. Rachel -

    It sounds like it went great. How nice for Richard to offer up a place if it is still available when the time comes. And what a good point re: limiting visits during the beginning bonding time. Thinking of you non-stop throughout this journey. Hugs~


  3. Good luck keeping the visits to a minimum! We had decided to do the same, but, when reality hit, we just couldn't. It ended up being OK, and the visits tapered off naturally after three weeks anyway.

    That said, the visits were exhausting, and, looking back, I wish there hadn't been so many. I should have asked them to come back in a few weeks, when the monotony sets in and I would love company.


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