Saturday, October 25, 2008

The paper work continues

During the past week Chris' passport arrived as did his birth certificate. The lady at the post office had been very kind to let us know that the certificate would not be returned in the same envelop as the passport so we would not get freaked out. However, we almost ended up recycling the certificate because I didn't pay to much attention to the brown envelop that it was mailed in. Thank goodness Chris found it.

Today Chris and I went to the credit union to get the adoption agreement notarized and pick my birth certificate up from the safe deposit box. I received a notice in the mail from the homestudy agency telling us that they had received the legal agreement and 2 of the references. Now Chris has agreed to call the other two people that were asked to fill out references and see if he can get those rolling. Attached to our copy of the legal agreement was a list of everything that the agency still needs. I didn't realize that it was standard to send the materials in as they were completed and not wait until all of it was done. I spent about and hour getting documents ready to mail and making notes to myself regarding additional copies that I need to make come Monday.

This week Chris will be going to get his second TB test. He forgot to get the first one checked on time so he has to do it over again. Next Sunday Chris and I will take care of the autobiographies, get photos of the house and ourselves and mail all of that out. The only thing we will then have left is the record of job stability from the district. Both of us have people on campus that are suppose to be doing that for us. Maybe we need to remind them.


  1. Hey Rach! I just got all caught up on your blog! I am so excited for you and Frig! Things are moving right along for you!!!

  2. Wow! This is really happening. How exciting. I'm so thrilled for you.

  3. Sounds like you both have done so much already. Does the road seem long, Rachel? Or are you just too busy getting things ready? I'm keeping you two in my prayers as well as your future son or daughter. This is all so exciting. Hugs coming your way~

  4. Right now I am too busy getting everything take care of for the homestudy. I am am sure once the paper work is done and I am waiting it will seem very long.

  5. Hi Rachel..your co-host here. Just wanted to say you are moving quite along. I have heard though and just wanted to share it's good to have extra copies of everything (especially the certified ones) so that if they get lost you don't have to go get more. YAY we are both moving along. :)


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