Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fourth period mayhem

I don't know what it is about getting contacted for the adoption, but it always seems to happen when I have math fourth period. Every other day I have a study lab last, and it would be a lot less disruptive to my focus if these people would get on my schedule. It makes it so difficult, read nearly impossible, for me to continue to focus on the 31 children in my room when I have anything I need to take care of regarding my one child in Korea.

First it was the cell phone. It was on vibrate, but in my pocket, so I knew I had received a call. I was able to refrain from checking for a good while, but the moment I had a second to myself I had to take a look. The call came from an Unkown number and there was a voicemail. I couldn't resist myself and checked the message. It started out kind of frightening "This message is for Rachel and Chris Ratcliff. This if officer Angela Harris calling about your adoption." As I listened to message I deduced that the agents at the USCIS office are referred to as "officers" and she asked that I call her regarding some missing paperwork.

I look up and see eager faces and several hands raised. I run around putting out fires. All hands are down, kids are working quietly, and I look at the clock. 30 minutes left in class. I can't make it that long. I have to call her back. All hands still down - I go for it! A very nice younger woman answers the phone. After I tell her who I am she lets me know what paperwork it is that she needs. I happen to have it as a Pdf in an email from the SW. She gives me her email so I can forward it on. I ask her to please reply confirming receipt.

More hands up, more fires to put out, and back to check if there is a reply. Low and behold there is an email from the international agency. It contains the most recent Wellbaby report from Korea. They saw Christian on 4/27/10. He was 2 ft 9 inches and weighed 24.7 lbs (yes I did have to do a metric to customary conversion.

Our little guys is doing GREAT! My mom, an expert in 2 year olds from her years teaching them, was very impressed by his development as well which is confirming. He helps dress himself, can take socks on and off, pull a zipper up and down, and is easy to bathe. He will put four blocks together, open drawers to put things in and take them out, and throws/kicks balls. He has a sweet side and will hug and kiss a doll. He can say mom, meal, and milk. He will run simple errands like throwing away the trash. He is a runner and climber. He LOVES to eat!

When I got home there was a reply from Officer Harris: I did receive it, thank you! Since your I-600A was already forwarded to the National Visa Center , I can go ahead and recommend your I-600 application for approval. Have a good day.

I don't thing she realizes that "good" does not even begin to describe my day!


  1. So exciting. Sounds like you'll have a very hungry helpful boy on your hands. I just love your updates!

  2. Yes, on the hungry. My mom was able to tell that he wasn't on the skinny side when I told her the weight. The report also said the FM has to watch how much he eats because he has such an appetite and that when he is hungry he walks around the table saying "woo-woo".


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