Monday, May 3, 2010

Purchases and Paperwork

his weekend Frig and I were blessed with my parents company. My mom and I spent time on both Sunday and Saturday shopping. She was very helpful with suggestions for the registry while and Target. Mom also bought the frog trash can, that ribbits when opened, and a small stuffed frog while we were there. Ikea was another big hit. Frig and I now have a kitchen table and two chairs. We have always eaten in the Greatroom until now, but a toddler eating over carpet just doesn't seem like a good idea. While at Ikea we also bought, or should I say mom bought, a blanket that looks like a frog.

In the paperwork arena, we received an email regarding the final USCIS paperwork today. This document is supposed to be accompanied by Christian's "legals". Normally the parents send the form to USCIS, but our local agency will do so for us because his legals contain information about Christian's birth family. The very nice lady at the local agency is going to see if we can get an abridged copy of the legals. I was so nervous about filling out the form incorrectly, after what happened with the last USCIS form, that I called our international agency and they kindly walked me through it over the phone.


  1. Looks like there are two photos but I can't see them. I'm guessing maybe two of the cute items you bought this weekend!

    It must be so fun to go shopping for this stuff with your mom. Christian is going to have such a great welcoming to his home!

  2. I was having trouble with my computer last night. It wouldn't upload the photos and it wouldn't let me get rid of the boxes either. I thought I would give it a try here at work.


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