Sunday, May 23, 2010

Making room for baby

Frig and I have been slowly working on making room for Christian. The first step was to organize the closets. We had a bunch of stuff that needed to go to Goodwill. I had Frig take a large load, after documenting every item for tax reasons, but of course I have found more. There was also a lot of teacher stuff taking up a large amount of space in one of the nursery closets. We took it all up to the school's lounge and let a bunch of people know it was there for the taking.In order to organize all of the remaining stuff we purchased some metal shelves at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Everything looks so tidy and neat now or the inside of a few closets do any how.

I also purchased a few items from the website I mentioned months back. "What are Korean baby boys made of? Kimchi with spice and mandoo with rice. That's what Korean baby boys are made of."

"I'm expecting a baby from South Korea" - At least when I am wearing this shirt strangers will know that I am an expectant mother.

Now I am off to browse through the adoption announcements at the sister site,, I am sure it will be hard to make a choice.


  1. YAY! making a room for Christian. Are you glad you waited until you got his referral? Gives you something to do while you wait for him to come home :)

  2. Yes, so glad! I don't know what I would do with myself.


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