Monday, June 21, 2010

First Father's Day

Frig celebrated his first Father's Day this weekend in several ways. First, on Saturday he received an extremely appropriate card from his Dad. "Here's a card made espescially for the Father that likes working with his hands." On the inside it contains an actual band-aid. You don't have to know Frig for very long to know how appropriate this card is.

Next, he and my Dad moved the majority of the furniture out of the nursery and into the guest room. The two of them work so well together. Mom and I stayed out of there way. Now we can start painting next weekend. We have to wait until next week to throw out the old mattress that was in the guestroom, but we have to do it this month or wait for August.

I gave him a set of absorbent sand stone coasters he had his eye on when we went shopping awhile back. It's something small, but something he very much wanted. Also, with saving for the trip he would have been upset had I gone extravagant.

Next we went for a long brunch at one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants. There was so much food we were able to eat leftovers for dinner. Frig loves being able to make one meal into two or three so this was just his speed.

Finally, we found out we made progress on the t-shirt fundraiser. This is super exciting to both of us. It was a great day and the next Fathers Day will be several times better since our son will be here with us and not in another country.

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