Saturday, June 19, 2010

Plane Ride Diversions

My mom and I spent several hours shopping today. Mostly we purchased items for Christian to have fun with during the grueling plane ride from Seoul to Houston. Mom suggested a local store that focus on the first few years of a child's life, Right Start, as a good place for us to start. As usual she was right. We purchased two soft books. They are tons of fun and included lots of different textures. One story is about a dog and his bone. Each page has a different textured place where Christian will be able to hid the bone. The second book will get him familiar with adjectives when he gets to feel the woolly lamb, but until then I hope he enjoys getting to feel all of the different fabrics.

Many of you may also be familiar with the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I know my siblings and I loved this book when we were younger. We purchased a "toddler version" of the book with very thick pages and the right size for little hands to hold. To go along with the book we bought the development caterpillar. One of the soft books and the caterpillar are both by KIDS Preferred.

We also bought a duck puppet that can be used for entertainment both in and out of the bath as it is made out of wash cloth material.

We still had not found my mom's dream toy; something she had seen a young girl playing with while in a waiting room a few days back. It is a magnetic person with clothes which can be changed. While the girl had been playing with a female "doll" but my mom envisioned the same item with a male magnet. We went to a teacher's supply store and found the very item. Apparently the item was new on their inventory. While at the teacher supply we also bought several sticker books and some arts and crafts items we can use to make pictures on the drop down trays.


  1. Sounds like you got some great distractions for the long flight!!! I love the magnetic boy - I'll have to try to find him around here. Owen would love him! I think the stickers will be a big hit w/ Christian - Owen loves them!

  2. Lauren if you can't find the man in town you can order him on-line. The pic is a link to the website. :)


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