Friday, June 4, 2010

Omma, Appa, and Halmonee

I have been working hard on my flashcards. Initially I was flipping through all 55 completed cards, I have another similar sized stack that only have the English side completed, and making no head way. I realized I need to learn a few at a time and add to that set each day.

I am up to 17 cards so far. All but three of these are single words associated with family. I know them well enough that they run through my head while driving, when taking a shower, trying to get some sleep, etc. Words like ...

Ah-chew-mo-nee = aunt
Ah-cho-she = uncle
Adur = son (sadly this is one of the words I had the most trouble with with student X. was helping me with the flash cards)
Hal-mo-nee = grandmother

These are all written phonetically. My student X. and I had a list to go by, but sometimes the phonetics on the list and my brain did not mix for correct pronunciation. In those cases she would help me until I got it and I would write my own "phonetics". She also recorded all of the words from the list for me. I asked her to do this at the advice of two of my aunts. Frig and I have been super impressed with how nicely the recording turned out. She took her time, slow careful pronunciations, and a few seconds dead space between words. I need to get her a little something when we start back to school.

Well as I said before there are three cards with phrases which I added to the "learn" stack yesterday morning. When Frig woke I went over all three with him. That evening when I was reviewing I said "Mul-won-ha-nee?" to which he replied "What do you want?" I was so impressed I though I would ask him the other two, but he was quick to tell me that was the only one that stuck. Why that one? Like I told student X., I don't know how good of an idea it will be to know that question since there is a very good chance I won't know what Christian is saying when he responds.

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