Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A little something

Frig is often asking people, mostly the people that schedule TV programs, to "throw him a bone". I believe this mama just received one of these much needed bones.

I wish I knew what he was holding!

I believe someone had told him "No". What do you think?

Once again, such a curious little man.

Giving a little bit of a smile?

I wonder why our son was at the reception center. I am so thankful for this little bone, but wish there was a bit of meat or even fat attached.


  1. Soooo adorable, Rachel!! I bet you are chomping at the bit! No reason for him to be at any reception center with you guys!!

  2. Such a cute little guy. You must be one proud mama. :) I'm waiting for the picture of you holding him

  3. Allison, did you show Ash? Thanks for taking me out today so I wasn't sitting at home obsessing over my email.

    Kebrina, busting at the seems!

  4. What a cute little guy...I think he is holding his momma's picture so he'll know her face anywhere! We all sent photos with our home studies for a reason!

  5. Oh my gosh, he's sooooooo cute! Hang in there. Can't be long now!!!

  6. He is completely cute! What a beautiful smile! Love, love the pictures!!!

  7. What a sweet little man!!! I agree with Kebrina, I'm just dying to see that first family picture :D

  8. I believe your family picture will have to take place in your own backyard all wearing overalls of course. Just my one lil suggestion! Love, Miss Carmen and Miss Anne


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