Monday, July 19, 2010

What's the hold up??????

For those that missed it, we experienced a pretty major milestone on Christian's birthday when his EP (Emigration Permit) was approved. There were several other families I know of whose children received EP on the same date. Many of these other families were notified of their child's Visa Physical (VP) on the same day as their EP approval. All of these children met the doctor for their VP on July 14. Due to already having their VP these families should all expect their travel calls any day now.

Sadly, we were not one of the families to get notice of a July 14 VP. In fact, we have yet to hear any news since the EP notification on July 7. I was hoping that we might get a Well Baby Check this month, since the last one we received was May 5, but I know that sometimes if the baby seems healthy appointments might be skipped during the hottest times of year.

I know that God has a plan, but I just wish he would share it with me so my need for logic would be fulfilled. Maybe He is waiting for Robin to get to Houston. Maybe He wants me to get to experience my first Baby Shower. Maybe He thinks it would be easier if I was still here for the incoming seventh grade math camp. Maybe, maybe, maybe........

If anyone out there has any answers please feel free to share. ;)


  1. Maybe God is teaching patience, because he thinks having a toddler pitter patting on your floor will require tons of patience :)

    Just a Thought.

  2. Well considering teaching tweens and teens for the past 11 years hasn't done that yet I'm not sure how much hope there is at this point. ;)

  3. No rhyme or reason to this process. You need your baby home, I am praying for some clarity to the rest of your journey. Praying for no more waiting! You need to go to Korea and meet your little man! The heck with the patience, you need some good news.

  4. Maybe I'll hear something on Wednesday, but somehow I don't think that is going to keep me from stalking my email all day tomorrow.

  5. Hoping you will hear something very soon!

  6. I just cannot imagine all this waiting! I hope you get some more news very soon! It would be so nice to know God's plan because you've had to be patient for too long. Hugs~


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