Sunday, April 10, 2011

Korean from Head to Fin

Tonight's dinner was a real adventure for me. This was only the second time in my life I have cooked a whole fish. I have to say I don't even remember how the first one turned out which most likely means it wasn't worth remembering. I believe this is because I grew up in a house where I can only recall my mother cooking frozen fillets so that is what I feel comfortable cooking.

Today I wanted to take a bit of a risk and cook a recipe I have only Americanized to this point by using Tilapia fillets. It was scary and messier than my meals normally are, but well worth having to wipe all of the sesame oil off of the floor around the stove. The basic idea is to place a whole Flouder into a wok with several inches of very hot oil. After both sides have been fried through once a hot pepper-garlic-sesame paste is slathered on each side in turn. The fish defiantly tasted Korean and we felt very adventurous. CJ even said a rare toddler "Yes" when I asked if the food tasted like in Korea. I doubt he really knew what I was asking, but I appreciated the affirmation anyway.

Next time I will add some tradition Korean sides to the mix instead of doing a lame Asian veggie stir-fry. We are taking some culinary baby steps.


  1. Rachel, I can't even cook American, so I'm awed by your culinary adventure :-)

  2. I think that was quite an effort. Good job, Mom.


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