Sunday, April 17, 2011

Train Party

CJ and I went to an awesome birthday party today. We'd really like to send thanks to D. and her parents for having us. It was a 3rd birthday party for one of the girls in his class. There was one other girl from school and about five boys that he knew. We also had the pleasure to meet one of D's friends and her two boys. She just happens to be an adult adoptee from KOREA! She got my information and I really hope she follows through with an email. I would be very willing to drive to Cy-Fair so CJ and her 2.5 year old could play together again. She is also supposed to pass on some information on heritage camps held in Carrollton for when CJ is a little older. This is really great news because all of the camps I knew about before today were several stated away.

Well my guess would be that from the video you know the other thing that made today's party such a blast. This really got me thinking about planning CJ's party that is coming quickly. I want it to be something fun, but not overwhelming.

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