Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rejection Never Felt So Good!

I am sitting on the couch watching the news and getting in a little computer time. What has afforded a tired Omma this brief respite you might ask. Well it happens to have been the rejection of her son and I am thankful!

Most evenings I do get a short break after I clean CJ while his Appa plays with him a bit, but this evening Christian specifically requested his father for bath time. I think it was very kind of the little man since I did take the two small ones for their after school walk/ bike ride, make the after school smoothies, jello for lunches tomorrow, dinner for tonight and eat with him all in a matter of two hours. I need a chance to kick my feet up a bit.

Since I brought up the post school exercise I guess I should explain it in a bit more detail. This weekend Appa and I tested out a little theory of mine and were pleasantly pleased to find out I was right. If we take CJ's bike with us across the street to the trails then he will peddle the entire trail and nobody has to carry him. If we don't take the bike his "walk" quickly turns into more of a "carry" which negates the point of trying to wear him out. So the bike was a hit and once again Mamaw and Papaw deserve a round of thanks this time it's for getting a bike with a push stick. There are parts of the trail with gravel for drainage and CJ needs a "Push please!" to get over those rougher patches.

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