Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Spoonful

CJ is very excited to have fully transitioned to full sized spoons and forks. He has been able to accommodate adult sized spoonfuls for several months, and even able to use light weight restaurant utensils with easy, but our heavier-weight home cutlery had been an real obstacle. He has finally built up enough strength to be able to lift even a large spoon to his mouth and easy empty the entire contents in one bite full. Yesterday evening his father forgot about the transition and gave him a toddler fork. CJ was quick to correct him!

Recently he has been imulating both of us in another manner when eating. Appa and I frequently ask him if he is finished eating so now he is doing the same of us. Asking "Our you done?" several times during the course of a meal. Also, Appa is apt to prod Christian to eat the less desirable vegetables before he is ready. CJ likes to leave the worst for last where Appa and I do just the opposite. CJ's has now started to tell his father "You eat!" when he does this. As in "leave me alone and focus on your own plate". I appreciate the help as I never feel like his Appa is getting enough nutrition.

We are still slow and go with the potty training. I am trying to be patient and not push it as he doesn't yet have all those intergral signs of being ready that all the books seem to talk about. Oh well, at least he is polite and says "Thank You!" after I change his poopy diaper.

We recently purchased a new car and this is only adding to CJ's car obsession. The first day to school in the new car he said "Bye-bye" to the old car as we pulled out of the drive way and then accurately pointed out two  cars of the same make and model as it while we were driving. He loves the new car because it is smaller and he can now reach the door (I finally found out why child locks were invented) and he gets a better view out the window as well.

We are looking forward to the end of the month. CJ and I put up a few decorations for Easter this past weekend and he is now very much enjoying playing with the few small items. Thankfully his Montessori training is paying off and he returns them to their place after each time. CJ will have a four day weekend, but Appa and I will not. We are all super lucky that Christian's Mamaw and Pawpa will be able to spend the day with him the Monday after Easter!

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