Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Bad & Class B Wavier

Earlier I was musing on what makes the message board a good palace to go, but for sure it also has a bad point. I believe that Frig would tell you this one bad point out ways all of the good because he has to deal with me and my OBSESSIONS! Yes, the message board adds to my obsessiveness. As if I needed anything extra to make me neurotic about the whole process.

On a happy note, the FedEx tracking number paid off. The Class B waiver arrived at its destination at 10:34 on August 12. It look like waiting for "the call" is this last step in the pre-travel process.

So I finally started really looking at air fair and finding out, much to my horror, that there are no direct flights from my international airport to Seoul. I didn't want a layover. We always have layovers when I take students to Europe so I see how the moms and dads struggle with their little ones in the long lines.

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