Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nam Gang

Today Frig and I went with a few close friends to eat Korean BBQ in celebration of our best man's birthday. The experience was delightful! Lots of bulgogi, fresh squid, and tons of sides.

One of the greatest things about eating Korean BBQ out, besides not having to clean the pan, is the variety of sides that keep coming and coming and coming. We decided the very nice waitress determined we were more adventurous than she had essentially given us credit. When she brought out fresh sides, with our second round of bulgogi, they were made of less common ingredients such as the smallest dried anchovies with heads intact.

One of our companions is the most adorable 3 year old. After he was finished eating "Uncle" Frig took him for a walk. The rest of us sitting at the table took this time to acknowledge the fact that this was the moment Frig had been waiting for the whole meal. The two of them played on and off until the adults were finished eating.

Once Christian has started to attach Frig and I plan to take him to this restaurant. We hope he will feel very comfortable there. As the birthday boy said, if we take him there too soon he may want to go home with the women that work there. They sure were loving on the little one we had with us today.

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