Friday, August 20, 2010

The Bedroom

For one reason or another the blog and this video just do not seem to like each other. Originally I tried to make it a part of the previous post; however, it was met with error message after error message. I finally gave up. After trying a direct upload to a new post, also a failure, I decided to attempt a completely different approach all together.


  1. OOOOO I'm so excited! I saw the sleeve of one of the little outfits I sent to you in Jae's closet :-)

  2. Yeppers, lots of PA clothes in the closet and in the drawers.

  3. Friggy...I can't wait to see you put all of your "natural" film and acting talent on videos to come. This will be the only way we get to know CJ for quite sometime. I hope he is here by Halloween. I am sure you will dress him up as a ballplayer. If he is here or not he will recieve his first Halloween card from Aunt Carmen and Aunt Anne and many more sticker/tatoo laden cards to come. Smooches!


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