Monday, August 9, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I know I said that I would have pictures of his room "Phase II" up some time last week and failed to follow through. Honestly the old camera was so slow is made taking pictures a real chore. I should have just followed through though because now I have all of the gifts from the Out of Town shower all over the place. Nevertheless, I thought I would give you a feel for how the room is coming along piles and all. Especially now that I have a new camera to use for taking the pictures. Thanks to cousin Brian's advice I can now enjoy taking pictures again.I don't know if you can tell, but Aunt Nancy embroidered his name in the ears!

The closet looks so empty, but never fear there are clothes in the dresser and all of the newest stuff is being washed.
The family in frogs.

Tomorrow I will be spending the day working on the bathroom, giving it what I expect will be its last deep cleaning for some time, as well as his room. I wish one of the grand-dads were in town so they could come by and put up shelves and such for us. At last count it is going to take all of the remaining 14 dry wall screws to get everything in place. It almost makes me wonder why I bothered to patch all of the holes. Maybe I could have used a few of them now.

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