Monday, August 23, 2010

A Call NOT "The Call"

Today was the first day of school. At about 1 PM I could hear my phone vibrating and my heart started to pound. I quickly lost all focus and it took a few seconds for me to get back on track. Thankfully classes are short on the first day so it wasn't too long before I had a chance to look and see who had called. When I saw that it was the International agency my heart started to race once again. However, when I checked the voice mail it was quickly apparent that this was not "the call".

We had to, hold on to your seats, fill out even more paperwork. If we were considering our glass to be half empty we would be very frustrated. Frig had to rush up to school so we could get yet another document notarized, oddly only one copy this time, and then off to the post office for overnight delivery across country. It will take about two more weeks because the visa application will not be taken to the Embassy until this form arrives in Korea and then it is 5 to 8 business days from then for Christian to be ready.

However, we are trying to consider our glass to be half-full. The document we had to send was an acknowledgment that we understand Christian to have been entered onto his birth parents' family registry. In brief, this means should he one day want to search for his birth family he will have more information available to him than the average Korean adoptee. In addition, it appears that peak travel season ends with August and ticket prices drop by a significant amount. For the past few months families have been paying around 2K per round trip ticket. We might be lucky to pay just half that should we travel in September.


  1. How frustrating, why can't they send you all the paperwork at once. On the other hand, paying half the airfare is definitely a good thing.

  2. Hang in there guys! I can't imagine everything that you're experiencing.
    Wishing -- and praying -- for the best.


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