Thursday, November 25, 2010

All Things Loved

Christian has many favorites. I do believe this is common of children his age - the fixating. The things he fixates on are also not all unique or for all I know none of them are unique. The car keys, for example, are an item cherished by little ones far and wide.

He also adores the phone. If a real phone isn't available for use then his hand will make do in a pinch. He likes to talk on the phone while riding in the car, towards the end of a meal, or while a book is being read to him. As you see not all times when he chooses to start talking on the "phone" would be consider polite.

His favorite toys seem to be the puzzles and the Legos. These are the first things he plays with in his room every single time. I feel pretty confident saying they are his favorites. He has gotten much better at the puzzles since he has started school. Both puzzles have nine pieces which are identical in shape and size, but painted with different designs. Prior to school he struggled with getting the pieces in their groves, and had pretty much no desire to make the patterns match. Now it is not only easier for him to get the pieces into a spot, but more likely than not it is the correct spot.

Most of all I do believe he loves school. He cries a little on mornings when he is told that there isn't school that day. I am so glad we found a place where he wants enjoys going. I hope he continues to feel this way about school wants he starts having to complete homework.


  1. Both of my Things loved keys. I gave T2 a set of keys from my 1st apt that I found in a box one day. He carried those things around w/him for months. T2 is also a big fan of the Legos. Both like puzzles. BTW, would you be interested in a shipment of puzzles from Kate's Thrift Store? :-)

    PS - Happy Thanksgiving to you, Chris and Christian.

  2. Kate - I hope you had a happy T day as well. And yes Christian would LOVE more puzzles. You are amazing!

  3. Our godson loves to talk on the phone too. We got him his very own cell phone at tar.get for his birthday. He carried it around with him for ever. The cool thing about it is it said numbers, abcs, and sang songs. It was only $10 or so. May be worth checking out.

  4. Breen - I picked him up something like that for Christmas just yesterday.


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