Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Too Comfortable Perhaps

There are times when Appa and I long for the days that Christian was still getting to know and feel comfortable with us. The days when he ate whatever we put in front of him, and would never utter a single sound in front of a stranger. Oh those were the good days. Well sometimes that is how we feel anyways. Those times when he is throwing a tantrum because he wants to feed himself the very messy soup and we would really rather him let us help him. The times when I take him to buy new shoes, because his super cute Korean ones are wearing out, and he screams bloody murder because he doesn't wants his shoes off in a store.

Then there are the times when we relish in the progress he has made. For instance, the bitter sweet knowledge that he is starting to speak English at school. Yes, his teacher gave up his "secret" on Thursday. Christian is starting to use English. Apparently he told another child "No Allan, NO!" When she took a book away from him. It seems like there were other instances, but that was the first one to come to Ms. Kesa. She said "He knows how to use no very well." We can not wait for when he chooses to start trying out his English language skills at home.

Earlier this week he also learned to jump. Christian and I were at the park and I thought he was trying to poop because he was crouched down so low, but then I figured out he was trying to jump. The first few times he seemed to put so much effort into it, but both feet didn't make it off the ground at the same time. However, he did eventually he find success. He is getting pretty good with the jumping, but still starting from a very low crouching position.


  1. Alex will see shoes in the store he likes, but when I go to try them on he throws a fit - or he will like a pair that he actually tries on, but refuses to wear them after we are home :-)

  2. I hope I don't insult you, but your description of Christian learning to jump reminds me of when Roo was practicing jumping. Winnie the Pooh is my all time favorite children's book (maybe my all time favorite any kind of book).

  3. Sharon - I actually kept the tag just in case he wouldn't wear them.

    Kate - Not at all!


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