Monday, November 1, 2010

Plays Well With Others

The first day of Montessori school was today. The hour between waking and leaving the house was a whirlwind of activity on my part as I navigated around the two sleepy headed men in the house. I was exhausted by the time the three of got into the car and pulled out the driveway.

We arrived at his school at 7 AM on the dot, and watched as the lights inside were turned on. Ms. Kesa unlocked the front gate, and let her first student into the building. She was very understanding of us being first time parents and wrote down her direct line offering that we could call as many times as we felt the need. Christian was very confused as I handed him off to his cuddly teacher - not at all sure of what was happening. Appa and Omma said goodbyes and "I love you"s and headed out the door. The silent Christian watching with a befuddled look upon his face.

I was taken aback by the fact that he didn't let out a whimper. Even as we walked to the car it was silent inside the school house. All of the literature I have read regarding attachment and bonding was whispering to me that this was a bad sign. Alas, the first time either Frig or I could call, without it being during class, was when he had lunch. That means I had to wait HOURS to know how my baby was fairing. The post lunch update was a good one. Apparently once Christian figured out that his parents weren't coming back any time soon he did his fair share of crying, but he also didn't let it keep him from joining in the rest of the day either.

Frig did not have to teach the last period of the day today so he went a little early to pick Christian up from school. That way he could get the full update without it putting us at home super late. The news was incredible. We, Ms. Kesa included, are all just hoping that this wasn't a fluke. Although he has been super happy all evening. I do believe my little man really enjoyed his day at school.

End of the day update (in brief):

  • Plays well with others
  • .Joined in the routine like a champ
  • Must be easy to feed - you bettcha!


  1. I can only partially imagine how anxious you must have been until you could get an update. It's so great that Christian enjoyed his day and did such a good job - I hope it continues that way for him. That morning whirlwind thing? It gets less whirly eventually.

  2. Kate - How long is "eventually" are we talking days, weeks, years?

  3. Sounds like you got a great report. Not all kids are wailers when you leave. Shock sets in, then the waaaahhhhhh! You can operate on no news is good news. When I am watching kiddos, I don't contact Mom and Dad unless one is hysterical or bleeding. Hoping you get called for none of those. Smooches! Aunt Carmen


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