Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Surprise

We had a rough patch the past two weeks. Between Frig and I we managed to total a car and wash a phone in the laundry. The garbage disposal also went out, but thankfully my father was able to give me fix-it instructions over the phone that got it working again.

Today I was very impatiently waiting for the new phone to arrive, and when it finally did there was a surprise package we were not expecting by its side. The package was from our international adoption agency and the contents are priceless. Apparently Christian's foster mom had taken him for a professional photo shoot before he left Korea. She sent us a very nice leather frame with one photo of just him and one of the two of them together. There was also a necklaces donated by a volunteer organization. The pendant is a Korean flag and the back is engraved with CJ's name in Korean and his birth date.

This package was such a sweet surprise. The three of us are so lucky CJ has such a wonderful Foster Mom. We wish she wasn't half way around the world.

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  1. Oh my what a week. But that is such an awesome package to receive. CJ will cherish that one day.


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