Friday, November 26, 2010


Rockin' with Pops
CJ really enjoyed this all American holiday (or I should say all North American so as not to leave out our very Northern neighbors that celebrated the same event a few weeks back). He started his celebrating on Wednesday when there was a Thangsgiving feast at his school. Appa was sure I had made way to many sweet potatoes, but the dish came back empty. Ms. Kesa it was a huge hit and pointed at one boy in particular that "couldn't get enough."

That evening we met my parents, brother, and Nanny (mom's mom) for dinner. Not only was Christian entertainment for our table, but the whole restaurant was impressed.  One patron shared that she wished her son would eat as well. You could see the looks of amazement on the faces of those around us as CJ ate his chips with habanero salsa. The waitress made a point to tell me that he was "bonito".

Uncle Ryan Up
Driving with Halmoni
On Thanksgiving Day Christian was, of course, the center of attention. He practice driving with Halmoni - until he started getting the key into the ignition successfully. He went for a walk with Pops and Blue dog. He played cars with Mamaw and Papaw. Uncle Ryan practice picking him up - over and over high above his head. Omma let him lick his first ever family clam dip off of the spatula. He played baseball with Halmoni and Appa.
Kisses and Hugs for Mamaw

We did have the meal at our house. Appa was so helpful. I sure couldn't have done it with out him. He peeled all of the potatoes, sweet and baking, cut the baking potatoes, and chopped all the veggies for the stuffing. He also sauted the veggies and helped me stuff the bird.

Much later in the evening Appa, Omma, CJ, Pops, and Halmoni all headed to the other side of town to visit with some of Pop's side of the family. Aunt Ann, not surprisingly, had a few fun noisy table top toy. I'm sure CJ will be looking for it again come Christmas time so I hope it is still around. Unlce John let CJ play with the dogs and hold the leash. Uncle George and Mama both kindly lent their keys for playing. I finally brought my men home when Appa started to fall asleep on the couch. It had been a very long day for the three of us.

Breaking from Playing - Family Clam Dip - YUM!


  1. I am exhausted reading about your day! So glad that CJ is adapting quite well - which is easy to do with such a great and loving family he has :=)

  2. Sharon that is the first time the shoe is on the other foot. I am normally the one warn out from hearing about your exploits.

  3. I just showed your family off to my Aunt. Her friend is in the process of adopting three sisters domestically and I mentioned your family and Christian to her just yesterday.


  4. I am so glad that CJ is adjusting well. He has amazing loving parents so I'm sure it makes it very easy to adjust. Love seeing pictures of him, he is such a cutie pie.

  5. Janelle - Best of luck to your aunt's friend. I can't imagine 3 at once. She is a saint. BTW you don't need to include you username ;)

    Breen - We have been so very blessed. At first I kept waiting for the honeymoon to end, but now I think this may just be how wonderful it was intended to be.

  6. What a wonderful day you had :-) I'm looking forward to reading about your 1st Christmas with your son.


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