Monday, November 8, 2010

More Grandparents

This past weekend my parents came to town. We celebrated Pops' birthday on Friday night. It was Christian's first fine dinning experience. He was, of course, very well behaved. The restaurant had one of those chairs that attaches to the table. Christian appreciated being so high up and in the middle of everything.

While we waited for our appetizers he feasted on fresh bread. I believe he thought that was all there was going to be. As soon as he was finished with the bread he asked to get out of the seat. I went ahead and let him join me on a trip to powder my nose and a short walk outside.

CJ was very excited to find out that the bread was just the beginning. He very much enjoyed his own food, a mixed seafood appetizer, as well as my Cornish hen and his Appa's Red Snapper. Other than the food he thought drinking out of the adult water glass was very special as well.

The festivities continued the following day when we met up with Pops and Halmoni at one of our favorite local breakfast spots. Our regular waitress, Leslie, was super excited to get to see Christian in person. We had eggs with hash browns and gyro meat all around.  Afterward we all went to play at the park. Christian met a new girl, K., while there. She happens to live on our street, one block down, and has just turned three.  Her father was very nice. He asked for our email address and sent us an invitation to her birthday party. I have already replied positively. This is already his second birthday party invitation!

Pop s had to take off for an appointment with his hairdresser and we invited the folks to come back for mass and dinner. Sadly they already had plans, but we understood. Plus, we really do like our weekly foray to Sweet Tomatoes and Pops wouldn't be able to go there with us.

Our final celebration started at the park on Sunday morning. CJ got super excited when my parents car pulled into the parking lot and Pops got out. After a fair amount of sliding, and Pops trying to teach Christian to go down head first, we went for Mexican food. It was sad to see Halmoni and Pops head back to their new home. We can't wait to see them again at Thanksgiving.

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  1. What a great weekend, Rachel! :-) It certainly sounds as if Christian is settling in very nicely with his family.


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